Plants, Orchids & Designs

Plants available to order by themselves or as shown in photograph. Containers may change according to what we have in stock. We will try our best to plant with similar style and price point, if one chosen is not available.


Cymbidium In Urn: $150.00

Elegant Orchid: $165.00

Double Orchid: $99.00

Peace Lily: $75.00

Dumb Cane: Plant only. $49.95

Birds Nest Fern: Plant only. $59.95

Begonia: $75.00

The Organic Bowl: $179.00

Succulent Planter: $159.99

Philodendron: $129.99

ZZ: Plant only. $139.99

Pothos: Plant only. $39.99

Philodendron: $84.99

Pebbles and Succulents: $139.95

Succulent Forest: $175.00

Alocasia (Elephant Ear): Plant only. $59.99

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree: $375.00 | $645.00

Rubber Plant: Plant only. $225.00